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How to install DNN on local machine

Last updated on 2015-06-26 2 mins. to read
  1. Unzip to  c:\DNN_Platform_x.x.x folder.

  2. Create new database called DNN_test with MSQLSMS.

  3. Add Application Pool called DNN_test with IIS Manager and under Advanced Settings, change the Application Pool Identity to custom account for DNN_test. You'll be prompted for your Credentials (your Window's user and password).

  4. Under Sites > Default Web Site, add Application called DNN_test.

  5. Change file permission on previously installed DNN_Platform_x.x.x folder.

  6. At http://localhost/DNN_test/, enter the host and password (e.g. host, dnnhost) and point to relevant local test SQL.


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