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Facebook is the world's most popular social network. With Facebook Shops, you can display and sell items on Facebook and Instagram to millions of users worldwide.

Registering a Facebook Account

In order to launch a Facebook Shop, you must already have a public Web site selling physical products. This is necessary to pass the approval process for registration.

First, you must register a Facebook profile if you don't already have one. You may use your existing personal Facebook profile. 

The next step is to set up a Facebook Business Manager account. The Business Manager is a tool to help organize and manage your business while keeping your personal profile separate and private. Please follow the instructions here to set up your Business Manager.

You will now need to add a Facebook Page to your Business Manager, which will become your Facebook Shop. Please follow the instructions here to add your Facebook Page.

Configuring Storefront

Once you have your Facebook Shop running, you can begin the process of preparing your products for importing into Facebook catalog.

  1. Make sure the Channel and Manufacturer features are enabled under Configuration > General settings.
  2. Enable the Facebook channel under Configuration > Channel settings.

Once enabled, the Storefront will periodically generate catalog feeds every day that will be picked up by Facebook.

Product Requirements

Your products must meet the following requirements in order to successully publish your products to Facebook Shop:

  • Product must be a physical product (no recurring subscription, bundle, quote or booking allowed).
  • Product must have at least one gallery image.
  • Product must have an Overview description.
  • Product must be published and visible to the public.
  • Product must be associated to a Manufacturer.
  • Product must have a valid price. Custom price text is not supported.
  • Price range is not supported.

Scheduling Facebook

The Storefront will generate the catalog feed files in the following location where is your primary site alias and 0 is your portal ID.

Product feed URL

Country feed for international currency and link URL

Language feed for international text translation URL

Once the catalog feeds are generated, you need to schedule them to be picked up by Facebook the first time. Go to your Commerce Manager and follow the instructions here to schedule your product feed to be picked up from the URL above. You will need to repeat the similar steps for scheduling the country and language feeds if you are operating in a multi-currency or multi-language environment.

Please note, by default, the Storefront generates the feed files once a day. Your Facebook schedule should always match the frequency of your generated files. If you need to refresh your feed more often in a day, you may adjust the frequency of the RevindexStorefront.ChannelScheduler task under the persona bar Settings > Scheduler page.


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