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Member Type Description
BalanceDue Decimal  
BillingCity String  
BillingCompany String  
BillingCountryCode String  
BillingCountryName String  
BillingDistrict String  
BillingEmail String  
BillingFirstName String  
BillingLastName String  
BillingPhone String  
BillingPostalCode String  
BillingStreet String  
BillingSubdivisionCode String  
BillingSubdivisionName String  
BillingUnit String  
BusinessTaxNumber String  
CouponCodes String  
DynamicFormResult Dictionary<String, List<String>> Custom field results stored as a dictionary of key values pair.
FormattedBalanceDue String Text representation of balance due amount in current culture and currency.
FormattedOrderDate String Text representation of the order date in current culture.
FormattedRewardsPointsQualified String Text representation of qualified rewards point.
FormattedSubTotalAmount String Text representation of subtotal amount in current culture and currency.
FormattedTotalAmount String Text representation of total amount in current culture and currency.
FormattedTotalHandlingAmount String Text representation of total handling amount in current culture and currency.
FormattedTotalPaymentReceived String Text representation of total payment received in current culture and currency.
FormattedTotalSalesOrderDetailDiscountAmount String Text representation of total sales order detail discount amount in current culture and currency.
FormattedTotalSavingsAmount String Text representation of total savings amount in current culture and currency.
FormattedTotalShippingAmount String Text representation of total shipping amount in current culture and currency.
FormattedTotalTaxAmount String Text representation of total tax amount in current culture and currency.
HasQuotedProduct Boolean Determine if sales order contains products that must be quoted.
MainQuantity Integer Total quantity of items purchased excluding component parts.
MainSalesOrderDetails List<SalesOrderDetailModel> List of sales order details excluding component parts.
OrderDate DateTime  
OrderLocked Boolean Indicates if order should not allow editing items in the cart.
ParentSalesOrderID Integer?  
PaymentTerm PaymentTermType? Indicates if the order is paid by COD, Net30, etc.
PortalID Integer  
PurchaseOrderNumber String  
RequireHandling Boolean One or several items in the order requires handling.
RequireShipping Boolean One or several items in the order requires shipping.
RewardsPointsQualified Integer The number of rewards points qualified for this purchase.
SalesOrderDetails List<SalesOrderDetailModel>  
SalesOrderGUID Guid Database object identifier.
SalesOrderID Integer Database object identifier.
SalesOrderNumber String The order number shown to customer and printed on receipts. This value does not necessarily correspond to the SalesOrderID identifier.
SalesOrders List<SalesOrderModel>  
SalesPayments List<SalesPaymentModel>  
SalesPaymentStatus SalesPaymentStatusType  
SalesPaymentStatusName String  
ShippingCity String  
ShippingCompany String  
ShippingCountryCode String  
ShippingCountryName String  
ShippingDestinationPoint String The pickup point code if this is a pickup service.
ShippingDistrict String  
ShippingEmail String  
ShippingExtension XElement Extra information related to shipping.
ShippingFirstName String  
ShippingLastName String  
ShippingMethodID Integer?  
ShippingPhone String  
ShippingPostalCode String  
ShippingQuoted Boolean Indicates if the shipping amount requires quoting.
ShippingStatus ShippingStatusType  
ShippingStatusName String  
ShippingStreet String  
ShippingSubdivisionCode String  
ShippingSubdivisionName String  
ShippingUnit String  
Status SalesOrderStatusType  
StatusName String  
SubTotalAmount Decimal Subtotal amount is the sum of all sales order detail amounts before taxes, shipping, etc.
SubTotalAmountWithTax Decimal Subtotal amount with tax.
TotalAmount Decimal Total amount includes all subtotal, handling, shipping, taxes, etc.
TotalHandlingAmount Decimal  
TotalHandlingAmountWithTax Decimal  
TotalPaymentReceived Decimal  
TotalQuantity Integer  Total number of items purchased.
TotalSalesOrderDetailDiscountAmount Decimal  
TotalSavingsAmount Decimal  
TotalShippingAmount Decimal Total shipping amount.
TotalShippingAmountWithTax Decimal Total shipping amount with tax.
TotalTaxAmount Decimal  



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