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Member Type Description
AllowEmail Boolean If order allows sending email.
AllowPrint Boolean  
AllowPay Boolean  
AllowReorder Boolean  
AllowResume Boolean  
AvailablePaymentMethods List<PaymentMethodModel>  
Breadcrumbs List<BreadcrumbModel>  
Cart CartModel  
CartUrl String URL to resume shopping.
Checkout CheckoutModel  
GeneralError String  
GeneralWarning String  
ListView Boolean Determine if a list of sales orders or the detail page should be shown.
ManageReturn List<ManageReturnModel>  
PagedSalesOrders List<SalesOrderModel>  
PrimaryPaymentMethod PaymentMethodType?  
PrintUrl String URL to generate a printable page.
ReturnUrl String  
SalesOrderPageViewCount Integer  
SalesOrderPageViewIndex Integer  
SalesOrderPageViewSize Integer  
SalesOrder SalesOrderModel  
SalesOrderGUID Guid? This member contains a value if the view is showing the detailed page.
SalesOrderSet SalesOrderSetModel  
SalesOrderSortExpression String  
SalesOrderSortDirection String  
ServerError String  
ShowRewardsPoint Boolean  
Visible Boolean For security reasons, determine if this module should be visible.



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