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Revindex Storefront supports every known currency in the world. You can display prices and amounts in the currency of the user selected culture. For example, a customer viewing your site in English United States will see USD $, whereas a customer from English Canada will see CAD $, and a customer from France will see the Euro € , etc.. Currency conversion is performed using an exchange rate table from the Configuration > Currencies menu. If the exchange rate is not provided for a culture, the Storefront will automatically fall back to the primary currency.

It’s important to note that the Storefront internally stores and calculates all the amounts in the primary currency. Actual money is also transacted with your payment gateway in the primary currency. Any non-primary currency is merely converted from the primary currency multiplied by its respective exchange rate for display on screen. Therefore, it’s extremely important to ensure you pick the correct primary currency for your business from the start.

In reality, currency exchange rate varies throughout the day. The converted value displayed to the customer is only an approximation of the actual amount based on the exchange rate provided. In the case of credit card charges, the actual amount charged to the customer is based on the exchange rate charged by the bank at the moment of settlement and may be different than the exchange rate you provided in the table.

You can enable the Auto update feature to automatically update the exchange rates periodically using one of the supported currency providers (Yahoo Finance, European Central Bank, etc.). By default, the currency scheduler runs daily under the Host > Schedule  page. Each provider may return a slightly different rate based on where they source and how frequently they update their own internal rates. Please verify if the selected provider supports your currency and the accuracy of the rate returned.

Customers can view the prices in their preferred currency through the Currency module or by switching the page language if no currency is specified.


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