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New Revindex Storefront 5.0 is Mobile Responsive!

The latest Storefront 5.0 is now available for download! We worked hard to make this release mobile responsive on all the pages including the admin pages. Your customers will appreciate being able to shop on your site from a tablet, iPhone or any mobile device. All you need is a skin that is already mobile responsive.

Designers will be happy to know that we also standardized the CSS on all the pages. Styling the Storefront is now a lot easier and can be done through simple CSS overrides in your skin or portal CSS.

Merchants who do a lot of shipping will be glad that we now support 3rd party fulfillment systems like ShipWorks that help you automate your shipping processes by printing shipping labels, packing slips and track packages.

Here's the list of changes we made:

  • Mobile responsive layout rendering.
  • Standardize UI and CSS in accordance with DNN UX for better usability and easier CSS styling.
  • Reduced size of rendered HTML for minor speed improvement on client side.
  • Support ShipWorks to print your shipping labels and help ship orders efficiently.
  • Support returnurl in add to wish list page action.
  • Basic custom fields can perform autopostback to allow price recalculation.
  • Configurable show/hide price on product detail and product list pages.
  • Installer now renames module control titles to friendly names.
  • Hide total savings on checkout and confirmation page if no discount is given.
  • Show currency symbol in currency configuration page for easier selection.
  • Added Croatia as EU member for VAT validation.
  • Show title headings underneath each admin page for easier navigation.
  • Add to wish list now respects quantity chosen.
  • Hide disabled payment methods during checkout.
  • Update Google charts version.
  • Fixed license control not displaying due to URL rewrite bug in DNN 7.1.
  • Fixed checkout place order button may not click due to incorrect javascript validation.

Read the full list of changes and requirements in the Release notes before upgrading.