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Revindex Storefront 4.12 Released

Wow! Check out the latest Revindex Storefront 4.12. We added so many features since 4.9 that we had to release 4.10 and 4.11 milestones just to come up for air to breath. We added features like support for Windows Azure (DNN Cloud), packing rules, Zip2Tax real-time tax calculation, debit card, shipping surcharge, Australia Post, Quick Order entry module, more payment gateways and much more. Check out all the great features we added:


  • Support Zip2Tax integrated tax gateway.
  • Support shipping surcharge rate.
  • Support hiding product, showing out of stock message or backorder when product inventory is empty.
  • Support saving billing and shipping address to address book on checkout.
  • Gallery import now automatically resizes images.
  • InsertGallery Web service API now automatically resizes images.
  • Update user profile using billing address on checkout.
  • Improved detection for online debit cards.
  • Added packing, packed, dispatching shipping statuses.
  • Page meta description and meta keywords format can now be modified through static localization.
  • Optimize product list to handle over 2000 products per category.
  • Product clone now includes cloning variant groups.


  • Support Windows Azure.
  • Support packing rule to achieve more accurate shipping rate calculation.
  • Support Australia Post real-time shipping.
  • Allow PayPal Express to collect shipping information.
  • Added GetActiveProductVariantsByPortal, GetProductCategoriesByPortal API services.
  • Added ability to recalculate entire order in admin screen.


  • New Quick order entry module control.
  • Configurable hiding of Quantity, Savings, MSRP, Add to Cart, Buy Now, See Details buttons on product list and product detail module controls.
  • Cart, Checkout and Confirmation module controls now display gallery image next to product item.
  • Support passing dynamic form (custom field) values through page actions.
  • Support Paystation 3-party payment gateway.
  • Support PayU Enterprise payment gateway.
  • Support Princeton CardConnect payment gateway.
  • Optimized performance on the product list and product filter module controls.
  • Product detail add to cart now validates variant's min/max order quantity ahead in advance.
  • Allow recurrings orders to be ungrouped store wide or for a variant.
  • Enhance page title handling for SEO purposes.
  • Send invoice email instead of receipt email when purchase order is selected during checkout.
  • Handle purchase or authorize credit card transaction mode for recurring order.
  • Allow using ASP.NET Session for tracking user state instead of DotNetNuke's recommended session handling method.