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Revindex Storefront 4.8 Released

This is an interim release with already a large number of features added such as the new Manufacturer navigation module control. See list below for full changes:

  • Product filter can now narrow by manufacturer and price. Require latest display template.
  • New Manufacturer module control to navigate product list by manufacturers.
  • Product detail tile images maintain height aspect ratio.
  • Product can redirect to another page or URL. Useful to maintain SEO value for discontinued products.
  • Product detail shows friendly message if product is no longer available. Require latest display template.
  • Anonymous checkout now collects billing address into user profile information.
  • Support AIM and SIM compatible payment gateways.
  • Increase order detail verbosity in PayPal payments.
  • GetActiveShippingMethod API now includes "name" property.
  • Fixed product filter not matching range correctly for integer and decimal types.
  • Hide Suomen Verkkomaksut from manage payment page when payment method is disabled.