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Revindex Storefront 3.0 New Release

This major release features a big user interface improvement to aide users in writing XSLT rules. The new design surface allows for drag and drop of XSLT instructions, attributes, XML element and a library of XSLT functions. Someone with minimal or no knowledge of XML can now easily write simple rules and the designer will handle the XML formatting. See below for a full list of features:
  • New designer surface to easily create rules using drag and drop and context sensitive menu.
  • Renamed Taiwan, Province of China to Taiwan only.
  • Support Discover, Maestro, Solo credit cards in Paypal Website Payments Pro.
  • Place order action rule can now trigger on billing and shipping company, street, city.
  • Rules can now trigger on UserID wherever Username is also available.
  • Communication email templates can now trigger on sales payments info.
  • Improved error messages on XSLT compilation.
  • Added undocumented in/salesOrder/purchaseOrderNumber node in sample input for Communications email to trigger on.
  • Improve main Storefront admin menu for browser compatibility.
  • Fixed product search not matching characters outside ASCII range.
  • Fixed Manager Order search not handling empty space.
  • Fixed session not respecting portals when used in multiple portal installation.
  • Partial fix for IE not rendering CSS styles beyond 31 style sheets.
  • Fixed user address not firing change to available shipping methods.