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Revindex Storefront 2.6 Released

We finally released the latest Revindex Storefront v2.6. You'll find some major improvements in the shipping area including support for real-time shipping calculation (FedEx, UPS, USPS) and how the checkout now displays the estimated shipping cost before the final step. We also added support for Chase Paymentech, USA ePay and Merchant payment processors.

The full list of changes can be found below:

  • Support for FedEx, UPS and USPS real time shipping calculation. Custom templates must be re-created to gain new features.
  • Added support for USA ePay payment processor.
  • Added support for Merchant payment processor.
  • Added support for Chase Paymentech Orbital Gateway payment processor.
  • Place order action rule can now trigger on sales order number.
  • Dashboard now shows the running version number.
  • Shipping availability and rate rules can now trigger on shipping postal code, city and street.
  • Checkout form now retains focus on autopostback of form fields.
  • Refresh button on product detail template is now aligned absmiddle.
  • Checkout now validates available shipping method on shipping state/province dropdown and postal code change.
  • Product detail pop up gallery now defaults to no shadow because it renders poorly.
  • Disallow editing data bind controls in custom template for security purposes.
  • Fixed checkout page not displaying payment panel when purchase order is disabled.
  • Fixed shipping postal code requirement should be independent of billing postal code requirement.
  • Fixed Spanish translation for term "United States".
  • Fixed sales order tax amount may not reset if items are removed from cart during checkout.
  • Fixed PayPal payment may show sales order number one value smaller than actual.