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Storefront 9.0 - Request for Quote, Booking Events, Xero, PayPal changes and more

Price Quotes

We know how much you love Revindex Storefront with all the enterprise features you get for a small price. You can now take your business to the next level by offering price quotes. For large volume order or services, it helps to offer a price quote so that customers can "deal" with you for the best price. The Storefront makes it easy by capturing all the needed information to build your price quote and track the sales life cycle all the way from invoicing to completion. Customers can even add multiple products together (regular product or quoted) into a combined quote to maximize their deal. For example, if you offer house painting services, you probably need to ask for the square footage, number of colors, etc. The Storefront takes care of this mundane task freeing you time to focus on the deal and invoice the customer. You can negotiate and modify the terms and amount as many times as you like until the deal is completed. Start making deals and win your customers!


You can now sell rental, events and billable hours that require booking engine. For example, you can sell services that are billable by the hour, reserve hotels rooms per night, sign apartment rentals under weekly, monthly or yearly terms and book one-time events like concerts and training. If inventory is specified, the system will automatically ensure customers don't overbook what is actually available. You can even exclude dates that you don't operate such as holidays and special days. As the merchant, you always get a high level view of all your bookings in a calendar so you know exactly what's taking place anytime.


Unfortunately, the only certainty in life is death and taxes. Xero is a friendly online accounting for small businesses. So to keep the tax man happy, you can now sync sales orders to Xero through a Revindex middleware (extra licenses required).

Order Update Notification

One of the most requested feature we get asked is the ability to notify the customer when the order has shipped. You can now customize the template to email the customer whenever the order statuses has changed based on the conditions you specify.


If you still haven't upgraded to Storefront 7.6 or 8.0, you should really plan to upgrade soon. The SSL 3 protocol used to secure HTTPS connections was recently exploited affecting almost every Web site. PCI requires all payment processors and merchants to migrate to the newer TLS protocol. This important date will have an impact for most merchants because almost every shipping, fulfillment, tax and payment providers are expected to put an end of life to SSL 3 either in 2016 or 2017. For example, UPS test environment already requires newer TLS since Jan 19, 2016 and PayPal test environment will require TLS connection by Aug 31, 2016 making it difficult to troubleshoot issues if your system isn't ready. This means if you don't upgrade, your shipping provider will suddenly stop returning shipping rates and your payment gateway will stop processing payments.

PayPal Changes

PayPal announced an important security change to discontinue certain HTTP protocols in their API. The deadline is June 30, 2017. However, if you upgrade to the latest Storefront 9.0 now, you can cross this off your list of things to do.

Other Great Features

You can now easily remove countries your business does not serve to and set the default country on the checkout page. We also made notable performance enhancement to the social share buttons for faster loading. 

Often times, a customer arrived directly on your product page from Google, but it may not be the exact product he is searching for. Once on your site, the customer expects to find similar products nearby. You can now set a default category for a product so that it is displayed on the breadcrumb allowing the customer to quickly navigate to see all other similar products in the same category.

There are so many more new enhancements and fixes that we cannot possibly cover here. Check out the list of features, fixes and security enhancements below.

Test drive our Free Hosted Trial (no installation needed) or download our Free Trial software to run on your site. Check out the online demo (the user/pwd is on the Login page). Revindex Storefront is an EVOQ Preferred product, PCI compliant and Avalara certified for tax accuracy. Come visit and talk to us about your next project!

  • Products can now be configured for sale or RFQ (request for quote).
  • Support booking products. Products can now be reserved by hour, day, week, month suitable for events, rentals, hotels, etc.
  • Automatically email customer when order has shipped.
  • One-way sync to Xero accounting (require separate license).
  • Support PayPal breaking changes requiring NVP POST method.
  • Normalized country and region with DNN core lists and use DNN core localization.
  • Merchant can now easily configure the allowable countries for checkout and default selected country.
  • Support optional default category shown on product detail breadcrumb if no category is selected to help customers locate similar products.
  • Improved Volume fit packing rule accuracy for cases when buying many items of the same dimension.
  • Improved social share buttons load performance.
  • Include shipping name in default sales order receipt, invoice, alert email and print templates.
  • Minor usability improvements to shipping administration page.
  • Added admin notes area for sales order detail and recurring sales order for better record keeping.
  • Avoid copying product and variant URL name when cloning to prevent URL conflicts.
  • Store UTC time instead of local time.
  • Displayed time now respects portal timezone.
  • Use stronger transaction isolation level during checkout to prevent product inventory update collisions.
  • Updated "Sales orders by date" report to include new statuses.
  • Added configuration to allow non-host user to create custom reports.
  • Added configuration to allow cart session to persist even if user logged out.
  • Allow changing display order for product part in administration screen.
  • Simplify upgrade from trial to production software without needing to reinstall software.
  • Fixed export product component missing Name column.
  • Fixed surcharge XSL custom rule not calculating for real-time shipping.
  • Fixed incorrect notification of the wrong module to the search crawler when product has changed.
  • Fixed potential checkout error if customer adds product that can cause shipping method not to be available anymore.
  • Fixed incorrect object reference causing product sales promotion error.
  • Fixed missing analytics link to the page for entering Google Analytics credentials.
  • Minor CSS fixes.