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Revindex Storefront 8.0 - Faster, Easier, New Recurring Features, Important Security Updates

If time is important to you, you'll surely appreciate the speed improvements that comes with the latest Revindex Storefront 8.0. Once you upgraded, you'll see a noticeable speed improvement in almost everything you do. This latest Storefront is now compatible with DNN Platform 8 and EVOQ Content 8.3.


If you ever held back from upgrading, this is the one release you should really plan to upgrade. If you haven't heard, the SSL 3 protocol used to secure HTTPS connections was recently exploited affecting almost every Web site. PCI requires all payment processors and merchants to migrate to the newer TLS protocol by June 30, 2016. This important date will have an impact earlier for most merchants because almost every shipping, fulfillment, tax and payment providers is putting an end of life to SSL 3. For example, UPS will require newer TLS as early as May 31, 2016 and PayPal will require TLS connection by June 17, 2016. This means if you don't upgrade, your shipping provider will suddenly stop returning shipping rates and your payment gateway will stop processing payments.

Recurring Payments

If you process recurring orders, it's not uncommon for some payments to fail because of insufficient funds in the customer's credit card, wrong payment information, etc.. You'll be happy to know you can now configure the Storefront to automatically re-attempt failed payments for as frequent as you like. For example, the Storefront can re-attempt payment every 7 days for the next 2 weeks and optionally notify the customer one day ahead of time. 

In addition, the Storefront can now verify the credit card by authorizing and immediately reversing a small charge ($1.00) whenever the customer updates their credit card information. These two features will certainly help improve your payment conversion and reduce customer support.

Easier Installation

One of the burning improvements that we're really proud of is how Storefront modules are now added to pages just like any regular DNN module. This means no more adding modules from a different special screen that was a source of confusion for many new users making this Storefront the easiest to use ever.

REST API in JSON and USPS Updates

There are many other smaller improvements and fixes worth noting. For example, if you use the REST API, you can now request the service in JSON or XML. USPS also renamed some of their services and causing breaking changes to some services. By upgrading, you'll be sure your USPS operate correctly.

There are so many more new enhancements and fixes that we cannot possibly cover here. Check out the list of features, fixes and security enhancements below.

Test drive our Free Hosted Trial (no installation needed) or download our Free Trial software to run on your site. Check out the online demo (the user/pwd is on the Login page). Revindex Storefront is an EVOQ Preferred product, PCI compliant and Avalara certified for tax accuracy. Come visit and talk to us about your next project!

  • Support DNN 8.
  • Major performance improvements recompiled under .NET 4.5.
  • Modules are now added to page like any regular DNN module for a more consistent usabilty experience.
  • Automatically re-attempt processing payment for previously incomplete recurring order.
  • New payment alert email notification.
  • Optionally verify saved credit card by authorizing a small amount to help ensure recurring transactions are successful.
  • Dashboard will warn any missing required modules not yet added to page.
  • REST API now available in JSON or XML.
  • Update USPS service name changes affecting First Class Package International and GXG shipping methods.
  • Removed obsolete codes in DNN 7.
  • Minor CSS fixes.
  • Fixed admin customer not saving sales payment origin value.
  • Ensure all relevant binaries that connect to external sites are capable of TLS 1.2 security.
  • Improve Volume fit packing rule performance and accuracy.
  • Improve UPS shipping performance.