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Revindex Storefront 7.4 - Sell on eBay, Stripe, Advanced URL, Setup Wizard and more

Summer may be over, but there's still lots of hot stuff coming to the Storefront. Our latest 7.4 release is a testament of our commitment to keep building better software that helps merchants sell more. One of the many ways we've achieved that goal is making it extremely easy for merchants to list products for sale or auction on eBay with just a few clicks. Imagine, your entire customer base just exploded reaching millions of users who are able to buy your products directly on eBay!

We also added support for Stripe and Zooz payment gateways. Both gateways support recurring payments, token security that is surely to make merchants happy and feel secure. The Storefront now supports over 50 payment gateways. The large number of choices means you'll always get the best merchant rates and lowest transaction fees.

Selling has never been easier. We also redesigned a lot of the admin pages to make editing easier and faster. For example, many sites sell simple products without variants. You can now edit the variant fields from the product page instead of drilling down to a variant. You can still access the variant page to get to the advanced fields if needed. Furthermore, you can now edit a product starting from the product detail page instead of the usual searching for the product to edit from the admin page.

We also redesigned the sales order admin screen to make it easier to view order details, total amount, balance and payments at a glance. In the past, you needed to click on different tabs to see the important information. You can now view and change the order, payment and shipping statuses easily all from one page.

Merchants and customers can also now print their receipt and invoice easily, both template-able so you can customize exactly how the receipt or invoice should appear.

Starting with Storefront 7.3, you get very nice and short product URLs like using the advanced URL provider that comes with the Storefront. No more ugly query string parameters. All your categories and product URLs benefit from this change leading to better SEO ranking and usability improvement for visitors. The actual slug "ipad" is configurable by the merchant and can be localized for any language. This means, your URL can be as short as you want it to be. You can read more about it here.

There are so many more new enhancements and fixes that we cannot possibly cover here. Check out the list of features, fixes and security enhancements below. Test drive our 30 days Free Trial and online demo (the user/pwd is on the Login page). Revindex Storefront is an EVOQ Preferred product, PCI compliant and Avalara certified for tax accuracy. Come visit and talk to us about your next project!

  • Easily list products for auction or sale on eBay.
  • Support Zooz payment gateway.
  • Merchant can now print receipt and invoice from sales admin page.
  • Customer can now print receipt and invoice from manage order page.
  • Product showcase can display products by category.
  • Refactored sales order admin screen to improve usability.
  • Handle CKEditor escaping quote entities breaking XSL tokens.
  • Support SagePay Form v3.0 protocol. Sage Pay will discontinue all v2.x protocol.
  • Coupon basic availability rule can now restrict by product and category.
  • Improve license reading performance to speed up all admin pages.
  • Calculate sales order detail promotions earlier in the cart page.
  • Include SolutionID in Authorize.Net payment gateway.
  • Fixed manage payment page not saving sales payment origin value.
  • Support advanced URL extension provider to generate nice clean URL. e.g.
  • Support outputting canonical URL for SEO improvements.
  • Merchant can now add/remove advanced features to simplify admin screen and improve usability.
  • Redesigned installer to make new installation simpler.
  • Quick setup wizard for new installations.
  • Simplify variant input for simple products with no variations.
  • Support Stripe payment gateway.
  • Allow direct editing of product from product detail page.
  • Support new DNN 7.3.3 localized region and country profiles.
  • Dashboard now shows quarterly sales snapshot.
  • Dashboard now shows useful links and news to educate and keep merchants up-to-date with changes.
  • Automatically increase maxUrlLength in web.config.