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Revindex Storefront 7.2 - Faster, easier to use, new import export and more

Spring forward! Revindex Storefront 7.2 is the easiest to use and fastest to run release ever. We put a lot of effort to simplify the merchant admin interface especially for mobile and touch screens. It now runs up to two times faster and have a lot less scrolling and confusion than before. We added a lot of cross-linking between products and sales orders making navigation between related data much easier.

There's a brand new bulk import and export screen allowing you to easily bulk insert, update and delete almost every catalog and sales objects. Need to update all the variant prices quickly? Just export out the variants, edit all in Excel and import back to the Storefront. Voila!

Ever wanted to give a product the first 14 days free and then start the recurring billing monthly after 14 days? Now, it's easy to do. Recurring products can now start at a different offset date.

Do you deal with inventory and high volume changes? Products can now set the desirable min and max inventory levels. This allows you to monitor understock and overstock inventory easily from the catalog screen. Keep your shop humming away happily knowing you always have the optimal inventory keeping with Revindex Storefront.

It's now a lot easier to edit display templates using the new code editor with color highlighting. You can even clone, compare and merge display templates line-by-line easily when you upgrade versions. You no longer need to use a 3rd party tool like WinMerge anymore when you can do it all online!

From the payment side, we added support for CyberSource, CashFlows payment gateways and the ability to do recurring payment using PayPal Express. This means your customers have more choices for payment and more completed sales for you!

If you do a lot of recurring orders, you will like the ability to pre-generate the orders so that you can invoice or remind your customers earlier for payment before the actual recurring order is due. If you sell popular products that are often backordered or waiting to become available (e.g. the latest Apple iPhone), you can now take pre-orders in the merchant interface for customers and have the system automatically actualize the order when the product becomes available!

These are just a few highlighted enhancements. There are so many more new features and fixes that we couldn't possibly blog about it in one page. Check out the list of features, fixes and security enhancements below. Test drive our 30 days Free Trial and online demo (the user/pwd is on the Login page).

  • Simplified almost every admin UI pages to reduce scrolling, improve usability and optimize for touch screens.
  • Improve usability with many cross-links between dashboard, orders, recurring orders, products, variants to easily navigate between related data.
  • Many performance improvements to admin UI pages.
  • Support CodeMirror for display template code editor. Require DNN 7.2+ otherwise it will fallback to normal textarea.
  • Display template editor can now compare and merge changes from other templates easily. Require DNN 7.2+ otherwise it will fallback to normal textarea.
  • Display template grid can now clone template easily.
  • Prompt user if page has unsaved changes when leaving admin page.
  • Recurring product can set first recurring start date. e.g. you can give first 14 days free before starting monthly subscription.
  • Complete redesigned of import/export feature.
  • Import can use file already on server or file upload.
  • Export can download or save to file on server.
  • Support exporting almost every catalog entities and sales orders.
  • Support importing almost every catalog entities.
  • Support insert, update and delete operations in catalog import.
  • Allow exporting only subset of data for quick edit.
  • Import CSV can use different column delimiters (comma, semicolon, tab, etc.)
  • Import/export can handle localized translated text.
  • Support CyberSource payment gateway.
  • Support recurring payment with PayPal Express.
  • Sales order grid can show configurable items per page.
  • Product grid can show configurable items per page.
  • Support bulk updating order status.
  • Support bulk capture payment of orders.
  • Support tracking min and max inventory per variant.
  • Improved low inventory report now takes into account min and max inventory.
  • Support searching for backorder, empty, understock and overstock product inventories in product catalog screen.
  • Support anonymous product reviews.
  • Merchant can moderate product reviews.
  • Support configurable max product reviews per user.
  • Product variant can now override product SEO fields including URL name, page title, meta keywords and meta description.
  • Allow configuring the max visible items in product showcase.
  • Product list breadcrumb now retains the current page instead of being overriden by selected category.
  • Add to wish list button now redirects to respective wish list detail.
  • Allow recurring order reminder email for recurring orders with preorder set.
  • Format nicer order date in email templates.
  • Expose preferredUserPayment, origin, status, shippingStatus and salesPaymentStatus to the input in the handling method rule.
  • Avoid sending email if the TO and BCC recipient fields are empty.
  • When a preorder convert into an order, it will only process payment if the payment status is Incomplete.
  • Fixed entity validation error if ProductVariant.PreorderInterval is less than 0.
  • Minor CSS fixes.

From Storefront 7.1:

  • Support preordering ahead of time for recurring orders so that customers can be invoiced earlier for payment.
  • Support taking preorders from admin interface. Preorders can automatically convert to normal order on selected date or when product becomes available.
  • Added new Preordered status for orders.
  • Support CashFlows Remote API payment gateway.
  • Support EU VAT MOSS 2015 tax changes.
  • Support setting product, cross-sell product, voucher, coupon and promotion start and stop time components.
  • Allow enabling shipping form on PayPal Standard.
  • Allow configuring step size for a decimal or integer type product filter.
  • Improve product list performance when show price tax inclusive is enabled.
  • Improve catalog product performance on admin page.
  • Allow configuring which product fields are searchable.
  • Allow updating sales order shippingTrackingCode using REST API.
  • Product attribute definition can now be filterable without being searchable.
  • Allow company fields to accept 100 characters instead of 50.
  • Minor performance improvements to the admin sales orders page.
  • Expose coupon codes used in the original sales order in promotion rules allowing promotion to maintain discount during recurring orders.
  • Last selected tabs are remembered when switching screens improving usability.
  • Simplified many admin UI pages to optimize for touch screens.
  • Allow sellers to delete their own warehouse record.
  • Fixed continue shopping may increment cart quantity if set to return to last viewed product detail page.
  • Fixed checkout may throw error if customer selects an invalid shipping method from the cart page under Estimate shipping and tax.
  • Fixed jqZoom script error due to obsolete functions in newer jQuery 1.9 (DNN 7.3.4+) causing zoom gallery to fail.
  • Fixed product modifier rule decimal parsing error for non-English languages.
  • Fixed product filter decimal slider always displays rounded number.
  • Fixed product filter decimal slider not working for non-English culture.
  • Fixed report not showing under new People menu.
  • Fixed configuration table missing unique index.
  • Fixed product showcase may throw error when no default variant is available for a product.
  • Fixed CSS causing date input to wrap across form item on IE browsers.
  • Fixed FulfillmentProvider foreign key is missing cascade action on portal delete.