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Revindex Storefront 7.0 - Marketplace, Warehouse, Speed

Revindex Storefront 7.0 helps your business grow without spending more money or needing to hold inventory. Turn your store into an online marketplace and earn generous commission simply by listing products on your site sold by 3rd party vendors. You decide how much commission to keep. Take 25% or more commission on the sales amount is not uncommon in the industry. Imagine selling a product for $20 and earn a whopping $5. Wow, how many products you sell today have that kind of markup? You didn't even have to put out the money upfront or worry about shipping! The Storefront takes care of collecting all the payment from the customer. You just have to cut a check back to the vendor at the end of the month. Directories like Doba have literally thousands of vendors out there with millions of products begging for the chance to list their products on your site.  These vendors are ready to drop ship directly to the customer with an unmarked box so your customer doesn't even know that it came from a 3rd party seller if you don't tell.  Your vendors will self-manage their own products and photos on your site, they decide the best price to sell based on their experience, the amount of tax to collect, how to pack and ship out the orders. The Storefront takes care of every security aspect and even ensures your vendors are fully compliant with tax laws in their jurisdiction.

In 7.0, we also extended the concept of warehousing. If your business ships products out from different warehouses, you can configure which product gets shown to the customer based on their IP location, culture, role, season, etc. For example, using a GeoIP extension and a bit of configuration, you can display only products located in the East coast warehouse when a customer from New York visits your site and do the reverse for the West coast warehouse for a customer in California. The Storefront will automatically keep track of inventory from each distinct warehouse so you know exactly how many products remain in each location. Warehousing even applies to 3rd party vendors who often times operate from different warehouses. Your accountant will be happy to know Revindex Storefront is aware of your shifting tax liability and keeps your business tax compliant when shipping from different warehouse locations. Revindex Storefront is Avalara tax certified.

If you sell globally and you're already localized for different languages, you can now get automatic currency updates. This means your business can minimize losing out on currency fluctuations that varies throughout the day and you no longer need to manually update exchange rates anymore.

We added some other nice features that are worth mentioning that came with the roll up to 7.0. You can now offer cross-sell products intelligently when customers navigates from the cart to checkout page. For example, if the customer added electronic products to his cart, you can offer him to buy batteries right before checkout with a catchy title like "Don't forgot your batteries!". Your rule can be incredibly smart and vary the offer based on items in his cart, season, role, total cart amount, etc. For example, you probably want to offer a $10 cross-sell product if he spends over $40 but don't offer to clients who are checking out with a $5 cart because customers are more willing to top up when the offer is relatively small to his total purchase.

Another nice feature we added is to allow customers to quickly estimate their shipping and tax charges on the cart page before checking out. Customers are much more willing to shop at your site because you disclose the shipping and tax charges without needing them to register or provide any personal information. Studies have repeatedly shown the single most important factor in cart abandonment is directly associated to the high or unexpected shipping charges stores add to the checkout. Combine with our powerful packing rule that helps optimize your shipping calculation, you'll be sure to offer the lowest shipping rates out there.

Finally, for the hardcore merchants, the performance of the product list page has been significant optimized. In some cases, you can see over 10 times speed improvement just by upgrading. This is especially important for merchants who have thousands of products on a single category.

There are so many new features and bug fixes that we cannot possibly cover all in this topic. See our release notes for all the changes. Come visit and test drive our demo and free trial. Founded in 2007, Revindex has been providing affordable enterprise quality software solution to small and very large businesses backed up by a solid and profitable company. You won't be disappointed.