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Revindex Task Scheduler 2.0 - Razor C#, Permissions, History

How wonderful life could be if you can just whip up a few lines of script to sync products with an external supplier, send email, run reports and automate all sorts of things on your DNN site. You could do all that with Revindex Task Scheduler using Powershell scripts, but you will fall in love again writing C# code in version 2.0 using the Razor template! With mobile support, you can write your script in the sun on your IPad, Samsung Galaxy or Surface. If you're old school and the sun hurts your eyes, you can run your assemblies (DLL) too and leave the scripts to someone else.

Wait! We also integrated the ability to view the run history of your tasks. So no more guesses if it ran successfully or failed. And when it comes to security, how about allow only certain employees to run the task but not allow them to edit the code. It's all in version 2.0 so get yours now. Click here to download free trial or buy now.

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