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Revindex Storefront 6.0 - Avalara tax, address validation, tax exemption and more


2014 is looking to be a great year for ecommerce. As we progress into our new year resolution, it reminds us to do things right. For many businesses, that also means file your taxes on time!

Revindex Storefront now supports Avalara AvaTax calculation. This is one of the best tax providers you can find so your business can stay compliant and avoid any nasty surprises. With Avalara, your Storefront will calculate taxes accurately to the last zip code digit for every product type you can imagine. You'll be delighted to know the Storefront can also perform address validation to verify the correctness of the customer address thereby yielding accurate tax calculation and better shipping deliver-ability.  Speak to us if you like to get started with Avalara.

In 6.0, we also integrated the product search using the latest DNN Lucene search API. The new search allows for better indexing of keywords and greater accuracy in the search results.

There are many other improvements and fixes that deserve their own 2 seconds of glory:

  • Support address validation with Avalara.
  • Product search now uses core DNN Lucene search for improved searching.
  • Support Avalara tax gateway.
  • Allow tax exemption to an individual user.
  • Support individual user tax exemption numbers by different tax levels.
  • Support exemption rule in tax methods.
  • New customer administration screen allowing merchant to easily access user information.
  • Allow admin to save notes on individual user.
  • Added origin node in sales promotion rule can trigger on to indicate if order is from checkout or recurring.
  • Support different default units of measurement for length and weight (lbs, inch, oz, etc.).
  • Review order and back buttons in checkout page now resets scroll position to top of page.
  • Expose dynamicFormResult node in promotion rules.
  • PayFast payment gateway now supports Instant Transaction Notification.
  • Fixed voucher and rewards point payment methods not re-validating availability rule if it was disallowed and reallowed back on checkout.
  • Fixed ShipWorks not downloading order details when order prefix is used.
  • Fixed ShipWorks displaying incorrect total amount.
  • Fixed API not supporting voucherDefinitionID in insert and update operations.
  • Fixed SubTotalAmount not updated in rules when cart is updated.
  • Fixed rewards point not redeeming when multiple payment methods are present.
  • Fixed rewards point round down the subtotal instead of the individual sales order detail items.
  • Fixed basic flat rate tax for sales order detail not matching up to correct tax levels.
  • Fixed manage order page not able to send invoice or receipt.
  • Fixed auto issuing voucher and rewards points when payment is processed by instant payment notification.

Download the free trial and get ready to sell more this year! Check out our demo.


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