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Gain sales insight with Revindex Storefront 4.6!

Revindex Storefront 4.6 now has a full set of colorful graphic reports to help you sell more by knowing who, how much, how often, what products you sell best and more. If that's not good enough, you can even create your own custom reports! Your operational life also gets easier with the new product cloning feature making it easy to create a new product from a copy. That's not all, you can now customize the description tab names for each of your product or variants. See the full list of changes:

  • New reporting screens (10 reports included like low inventory report, sales performance, etc.).
  • Users can create custom reports.
  • Support deep cloning of products.
  • Clone on product variant now also performs deep cloning (cloning all related objects, images, etc.)
  • Optionally allow to execute SQL queries inside place order action rules.
  • Simpler email templates using XSL tokens.
  • Grid views now highlight row on mouse over for better usability.
  • Allow renaming product detail description tabs by product or variant.
  • Payment screen allows entering negative amounts for refunds.
  • Support Mollie iDEAL payment gateway.
  • Support Suomen Verkkomaksut payment gateway.
  • Support calendar control in custom fields.
  • Support date picker control in custom fields.
  • Associate products to category from the admin category screen for better usability.
  • Configurable show/hide sub-categories on product list module control.
  • New product display setting now defaults to "Featured" so it shows up even if no category is selected.
  • Product detail page meta information will use product summary if no Meta description is provided.
  • Product list page meta information will use category description if no Meta description is provided.
  • Required products and related products are now sorted alphabetically in the admin screen.
  • Fixed Basic place order action rule not able to assign role.
  • Fixed product list module to handle cases where product name may be null.
  • Fixed API to check that directory exists first before inserting gallery image.