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Revindex Storefront 4.5 Released - Fastest ever!

This is the follow-up to the interim release of v4.4 with significant performance enhancements up to 2x faster in most use cases. We also added support for gift vouchers and PayPal Standard IPN. Please see the full list of changes below:

  • Support for gift vouchers. Require latest "Standard10" Checkout display template.
  • Significant performance improvements particularly on the admin pages resulting in about 2x faster in many use cases.
  • Added IPN support to PayPal Website Payments Standard.
  • Support Towah payment gateway.
  • Support BluePay payment gateway.
  • Expose culture code and exchange rate in communication email templates and place order action rules.
  • Overhaul use of session object replaced with cache object for better compatibility with DNN web farm.
  • Product list sort by product name now sorts using alphanumeric strategy such that "A2" will appear before "A10".
  • Fixed product detail not respecting quantity entered when minimum quantity is configured in variant.
  • Fixed string type product attribute overriding previously saved text when localizing for another language.
  • Fixed country dropdown list not sorted alphabetically in availability rules.