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New Revindex Storefront 4.2 Released

We just released the latest Revindex Storefront 4.2 that added support for Web service API allowing the store administrator to programmatically query, insert, delete or edit almost anything (products, coupons, attributes, sales orders, distributors, manufacturers, categories, galleries, etc.). You could then create your own user interface for certain specialized functions or perhaps you need to sync data with external servers or portals or just run your own reports. We're putting the documentation together in a few days on our site. Also in this release, we added support for VAT number validation. For full release info, please see list below:
  • Added support for API access (beta).
  • Added support for VAT number validation.
  • Added new auto installer.
  • Tax class rule can now trigger on billing/shipping street, city, firstname, lastname, company and dynamic form result.
  • Make Storefront admin less susceptible to URL errors due to 3rd party URL rewriting forcing to lowercase.
  • Improve usability on shipping gateways configuration screen.
  • Send Order GUID to PayFast instead of Order ID to prevent drifted numbers.
  • Reduce number of clicks to clone a product variant by placing button on the grid.
  • Print checkout dynamic form result on the confirmation page.
  • Improved portal language detection during content localization.
  • Allow shipping and handling rules to trigger against dynamic form result, coupons and ProductVariantID.
  • Unify all buttons to improve usability.
  • Fixed display template incorrectly validating non server-side script.