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Revindex Storefront 4.1 Released

Although numbered as a minor release, we added so many new features and improvements, that it could have been a major release! Revindex Storefront 4.1 no longer requires Ajax Control Toolkit for new installations. For existing installations, you may still need the Ajax Control Toolkit if you're not running against the latest display templates.

We also added the ability for customers to add products to one or many wish lists. Customers can also cancel or place a recurring order on hold without admin intervention. You can now override the system default login or registration page with your own custom login page. Another noteworthy change is you can now enable the configuration Debug Log level to trace the XML transform input and see the actual data of how your rules would interpret them.

The full list of changes is shown here:
  • Added support for multiple wish lists.
  • Removed dependency on Ajax Control Toolkit. Older display templates may continue to require Ajax Control Toolkit.
  • Customer can now cancel or place their active recurring orders on hold.
  • Enable Debug log level to trace XML input rules in system event viewer.
  • Added support for WorldPay Corporate XML Direct payment gateway.
  • Added support for custom login and registration page to override system default.
  • Improved usability on communication configuration admin page.
  • Improved usability on checkout configuration admin page.
  • Improved usability on display template admin page.
  • Display template editor can optionally wrap word.
  • Allow user payment to be deleted when no recurring order requires it.
  • Allow showing purchase order number for regular order during checkout.
  • Added support for PayFast payment gateway. Require latest Checkout display template "Standard6" or above.
  • Transmit ssl_customer_code to Elavon Virtual Merchant to reduce transaction fees.
  • Center dashboard chart to page.
  • Removed Confirmation navigation heading on Cart, Checkout and Confirmation page.
  • Allow displaying Installer configuration menu even when content localization is enabled.
  • Coupon panel on Checkout page is now hidden when there is no coupons defined.
  • Added back buttons for checkout flow.
  • Buttons now display icons for better effects.
  • Fixed data pager on product detail page not localizing correctly.
  • Fixed user payment not matching correctly for other payment types than credit card.
  • Fixed hidden lines in display template.
  • Fixed communication email not sending when display name contains non-ascii character for certain SMTP mailers.
  • Fixed product detail templates not localizing Overview tab header text.
  • Fixed editor window hidden under Storefront admin due to high z-index in use by DNN 6+
  • Fixed sales snapshot may not report current day's sales in week, month and year numbers.
  • Total savings label in Checkout and Confirmation page now includes discount given by product promotions.


  • Require DotNetNuke 6.1.0+
  • New Cart "Standard4", Checkout "Standard6", Confirmation "Standard4", ProductDetail "Standard7", ProductList "Standard4", ProductShowcase "Standard2" templates. Custom templates must be re-created to gain new features.