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Revindex Storefront 4.0 Released

Revindex Storefront v4.0 now supports product attributes and product comparison. We also added support for Sage Pay payment gateway. There are several performance and usability improvements made to the admin screens to make your day to day task easier. See below for a full list of changes:

  • Added support for product attributes.
  • Added support for product comparison.
  • Allow individual product to be exempted from product comparison.
  • Improved button placement and action usability across all admin screens.
  • Improved portal detection when sharing sessions across different portals.
  • Add support for Sage Pay payment gateway.
  • Improve usability on payment gateway and payment method configuration pages.
  • Product detail and product list page title can now be custom formatted.
  • Reduced admin HTML size where formula editor is not required improving loading performance.
  • Fixed black dot appearing next to admin Configuration menu.