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Revindex Storefront 3.3 Released

Revindex Storefront 3.3 added significant performance improvements for the admin pages and introduced a new Product showcase module control. The Product showcase module control allows you to feature one or multiple products vertically or horizontally on any page with/without several carousel effects (auto scroll, mouse over, buttons, duration, etc). For a full list of changes, please see below or try our demo at
  • Order, payment and shipping statuses are now color coded for improved visibility.
  • Overhauled Storefront dashboard to report more useful and significant numbers.
  • New product showcase module control to promote single or multiple featured products.
  • Improved rendering performance on Storefront admin pages.
  • Storefront admin Configuration menu now exposes Settings sections as menu items for better usability.
  • Email templates can now trigger on dynamic form result and coupon codes collected during checkout.
  • Renamed "Dynamic form code" to "Dynamic form".
  • Email links in sales order screen is now mailto clickable.
  • Fixed incorrect display template version warning when editing Product Detail "Standard5" display template.