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Revindex Storefront 3.2 Released

This new release includes a new RevindexStorefrontCartSummary module control or better known as mini-cart. For existing installation, you can to go to login as Administrator role and under Configuration > Installer to add the mini-cart onto your page (typically the home, products and product detail pages). The product list module has been enhanced to allow adding a product to cart directly bypassing the product detail page for quicker checkout. There were numerous significant performance enhancements to the category, product list and product detail module controls that will result in faster loading.
  • New Cart Summary module control (mini cart).
  • Product list module control now displays child categories.
  • Categories can now display gallery image in product list page.
  • Support for Pay Trace credit card payment gateway.
  • Support for Elavon Virtual Merchant credit card payment gateway.
  • Place order action rule can now send mail.
  • Customer can add product to cart or buy now from product list. The latest Product List "Standard2" display template is required.
  • Sales order username now links to user account control for quick edit.
  • Recurring sales order in admin now shows design surface for dynamic form result.
  • Renamed Templates in Configuration menu to Display Templates for clarity.
  • Category dropdown list control now autopostback to make it easier to select category for editing.
  • Optimized product detail page to minimize SQL roundtrips.
  • Optimized product list page to minimize SQL roundtrips.
  • Optimized category page to minimize SQL roundtrips.
  • Drop support for categoryPath node in product promotion rule and product modifier rule.