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Revindex Storefront 2.0 Released!

In this major release, we introduced the concept of price modifier rules where you can dynamically change price based on quantity and custom attributes (size, color, weight, etc.) or any combination of it. We also removed the requirement for Microsoft Distributed Transaction Coordinator (DTC) yet keeping the use of transactions in the code to protect your data. We also improved the URLs for SEO and released several new templates. The full list of changes can be seen here:

  • Storefront no longer requires Microsoft Distributed Transaction Coordinator (DTC).
  • URLs now include product and category names for better search engine optimization.
  • Support for price modifier rule. The new "Standard3" ProductDetail template must be used to gain new feature.
  • New Cart "Standard2", Checkout "Standard3" and Confirmation "Standard3" templates now displays dynamic form result collected.
  • Recurring orders now attempt to charge credit card payments automatically.
  • Display template selection now ordered from newest to oldest.
  • Add new shipping status "Undeliverable".
  • Make dynamically add product and quantity to cart from URL link work for legacy Standard1 template.
  • Trial software takes up to 50 orders only.
  • Added ProductID node to be triggered in sales promotion and product promotion rule.
  • Recurring order now tracks dynamic form result.
  • Place order action rule can now trigger on billing/shipping first name, last name, email and phone.
  • Fixed update security encryption key per portal.
  • Fixed recurring order now makes use of promotion price.
  • Fixed PayPal redirect URL format when friendly URL is enabled.