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Revindex Storefront 1.16 Released

In this release, we added the ability to add a product to cart or checkout immediately from the URL trigger. We also made a lot of additions to Place Order Action rules as well as added a new Availability rule on checkout. The list of changes are shown below:

  • Support availability rule in checkout settings.
  • Place order action rule can now increment or decrement inventory.
  • Place order action rule can now set product extension and inventory.
  • Place order action rule can now dynamically set order status, payment status and shipping status.
  • Allow running place order action rules on recurring order.
  • The default selected country in the Checkout form is now determined by user profile, profile definition and locale search order.
  • Dynamically add product and quantity to cart from URL link.
  • Track sales order origin for triggering in place order action.
  • Email receipt and invoice can now trigger against billing email, billing phone, shipping email and shipping phone.
  • Fixed code behind so it allows a display template to override default list view mode.
  • Fixed XSL rules now output standard and friendlier yyyy-MM-ddTHH:mm:ss ("s") format as input values.
  • Fixed product admin not displaying Extension data.
  • Fixed coupon code textbox doesn't display on checkout page.
  • Fixed checkout page unable to remove last coupon added.