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Flex your site!

I think I stopped developing Flash at around version 7 or 8, right around OOP programming languages like Java and .NET became mainstream. I saw Flash as a difficult to maintain application, great for small controls that needed a cool way to present "stuff". I would never build a complete application on it because ActionScript and working with the timeline control was just a pain. Instead I would always look for alternative ways to keep the web application dynamic through the use AJAX or even applets if needed.

I was lately re-introduced to Adobe Flash once again, this time with the new Flex framework. I was astonished to see how closely it resembled to ASP.NET and C#/Java syntax. It's fully object oriented, coupled with a great IDE like Eclipse, you can now drag-and-drop controls to build the perfect client-side application that is dynamic, interactive and functional fast and easy. The source behind the GUI is XML based so it resembles a lot like ASP.NET. Controls have pre-defined events that know to react on user actions and page loads. It's very intuitive and for a season Java or ASP.NET developer, the learning curve should be a breeze.

Flex Eclipse IDE

This comes at the right moment as I was looking for a cool way to create my next financial application with graphics and charts. I'll take a stab at Flex and see if it is truly as easy as the Adobe videos demonstrated.

To find out more about Flex, check out and Flash is an open source format so it's no surprise to find some free IDEs or you can buy the Adobe tool for $499 about the same price of a Visual Studio.NET.