Revindex Priority Support
Priority support provides dedicated assistance with issues related to Revindex software. Each support credit entitles you to 30 minutes of dedicated support time. Buy 5, 10, 20 or more support credits and get it for cheaper.

All Revindex software comes with free community level support. Each paid support credit is worth 30 minutes of support time and will be deducted from your available credits. See FAQ for conditions of use.

  Community Standard Premium
Cost Free Paid Paid
Method of communication Forum Forum, Support ticket, Email, Phone Forum, Support ticket, Email, Phone
Hours of operation Best effort basis only Mon - Fri business days
10am - 5pm EST
7 days
10am - 5pm EST
Response time Slow Same or next business day depending on time submitted Same day or next day depending on time submitted
Troubleshoot issue on your site No Yes Yes
  • How do you calculate the total amount of time spent?
    Revindex will keep track of the total amount of time spent in 30 minute increments. The total time spent is a cumulative amount and is not required to be consecutive.
  • What if I don't have enough support credits to resolve an issue?
    If you don't have enough support credits to complete the resolution of an issue, you will be asked to purchase additional support credits before we can complete working on the issue.
  • Can you perform more than one task in the allotted time?
    By default, each support credit entitles you to a single work item such as fixing of a single problem unless it's been agreed in writing that more than one work item will be performed by Revindex.
  • Will I be charged for sales related questions?
    Sales related questions will not be charged. Revindex will notify you in advance if a support request becomes chargeable.
  • Will I be charged if it's determined to be a software bug?
    It's unfortunate, but bugs do exists and we fix them quickly. Yes, because a priority support credit is intended to "prioritize" your issues before others regardless of whether the issue is caused by a software bug or not.
  • What constitutes a software bug?
    A software bug is an error, mistake or fault in a software caused by Revindex that produces an incorrect or unexpected result, or causes it to behave in unintended ways but excludes performance issues and excludes missing features. The classification of a software bug is at Revindex’s discretion.
  • Will you fix bugs discovered in my version of software?
    Software bugs discovered are always fixed in the latest version of the software. You must purchase the new software release or have upgrade rights through the service plan to download the new releases.
  • Can I get support in my local language?
    Currently, we can only provide support in English.
  • Who defines what constitutes an acceptable solution to the problem?
    Revindex support team will agree upon the definition of the problem with you when you raise the support incident. The incident will be closed after the support team has delivered one or more suggested solutions to you. Any time spent will be deducted from your available support credits.
  • Am I guaranteed a solution?
    While our support professionals will endeavor to resolve your issue, Revindex cannot guarantee to resolve all issues due to the diversity of customer configurations. Customers may request to close a case before it is resolved; however any time spent will be deducted from your credits.
  • Once I have reported a problem, can I leave it to Revindex?
    Revindex may require additional information regarding the problem. Revindex will contact you to discuss the issue and to collect any further information that may be required. You may be asked to perform problem determination activities as suggested by us including performing network traces, capturing error messages and collecting configuration information. You may also be requested to perform problem resolution activities including changing configurations, installing new versions of software or new components, or modifying processes. Your active participation as well as patience will help facilitate the troubleshooting process.
  • Why does response time vary?
    We will do our best to respond as quickly as possible. Response time varies depending on when we receive your support request and the complexity of the request. Typically, the process involves taking the time to understand and investigate the issue first and then find the knowledgeable person to troubleshoot the issue.
  • What is your exchange or refund policy for support credits?
    Support credits purchased either used or unused are non-exchangeable and non-refundable. Any unused credits will remain in your account that you can use for the next time.
  • Will Revindex answer any support issue?
    We will do our best to help with any issue where we have the expertise to help, however, we may not be able to assist in cases where the software has been purposefully modified outside the terms and conditions, if the customer is in breach of contract, the issue poses too high a risk to the customer system or has poor overdue payments owing. Revindex reserves the right to refuse supporting an issue for any reason.




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