Revindex Storefront Source Service Plan
Service plan extends your upgrade rights for the Revindex Storefront Source code so you continue receiving the latest software updates (feature upgrades, security enhancement and bug fixes) for an additional year from the date of purchase.
$1,999.99 / Year
This item requires
One-Time Plan Setup

The Revindex Storefront Source Service Plan is a yearly recurring subscription (billed yearly). To cancel the service plan, you need to open a cancellation ticket within 30 days before the end of the term. You must have bought the Revindex Storefront Source Code in order to purchase this Revindex Storefront Source Service Plan to extend it.

The Revindex Storefront Source code contains the DNN module-only C# source code and limited external libraries for the current stable version and future stable versions for the duration of your subscription (older versions of the software may also be available). Although, Revindex will provide the source code to most of the core functionality of the Revindex Storefront software sufficient to be customized for almost every reasonable case or taken for safekeeping, Revindex does not guarantee that source code will be available for every referenced library for security reasons, PCI compliance reasons, copyright reasons, 3rd party licensing reasons or other legal reasons (e.g. source code for fulfillment, risk, payment, shipping and tax providers, non-e-commerce logic such as encryption, low-level licensing logic, etc. are also excluded). Please contact sales for more information.

License must be purchased separately to operate Revindex Storefront.

The source code is sold to residents of United States, Canada and U.K only. Proof of residency may be required. Once the order is received, you will be contacted to agree and sign a standard Non-Disclosure agreement in order to complete the purchase.

Revindex reserves the right to refuse any customer if the customer does not satisfy the requirements or for any reason. In such an event, Revindex will cancel the order and refund the purchased amount if the source code has not yet been delivered. No refund is given once the source code is shipped or downloaded for any reason.

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