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Last updated on 2016-03-18 1 mins. to read

Revindex Wiki allows you to organize and publish professional looking documentation (manuals, guides, knowledge base, notes, etc.) completely integrated into your Web site. It comes with a powerful search feature allowing users to quickly locate information and a index tree view for quick navigation. With the integrated WYSIWYG editor, your users don't have to learn any complicated wiki syntax and can start being productive from day one. Users can insert links, attach images, videos, files and even start editing from pre-defined templates.

It can support an unlimited number of topics and sub-topics. Topics can have a version history to revert content and can be recovered if deleted. It supports powerful tokens to cross-link topics that are self-preserving even if the topic is moved and can generate dynamic content. Readers can post comments that can be moderated by editors.

The Wiki even supports module-wide and granular topic permissions that you can control who can view, add, edit, delete, move or manage permissions for others. Permissions are inherited making it easy to control access simply by securing parent or root level topic.

Published topics are SEO and mobile friendly. Each topic is given a short friendly URL making it easy to remember. Users can easily share your topics with friends on popular social medias or print a copy to read on the go.




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