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Machine AI

Last updated on 2023-05-21 1 mins. to read

The Wiki can use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help improve search by providing the best possible answer right away instead of simply returning links to topics.

Simply enable the Machine AI feature under the module's settings and provide the API credentials. Currently, the Wiki supports machine AI from the following providers:


OpenAI is the leading Artificial Intelligence research and development company helping to use technology to benefit humanity. You must first subscribe to their API service. OpenAI charges a reasonable price based on the total number of words asked and answered in a request - typically $0.50 per thousand requests.

OpenAI currently has a limit to process about 3500 syllables (around 1000 words). If you have a topic that has very long text, you should consider separating it into multiple topic pages so that OpenAI can process the full text. In the future, this limit will be increased by OpenAI.

The following fields are required:

  • API key


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