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Last updated on 2020-08-21 1 mins. to read

SkyNet (South Africa) provides parcel delivery service in South Africa. The following fields are required:

  1. Username
  2. Password
  3. System ID
  4. Account Number
  5. Customer Reference Format - This should be a negotiated format between SkyNet and your company. e.g. the format BIZ{0:D9} will generate a customer reference format of BIZ000000001 for your waybill. The {0} is replaced with an autogenerated number. The :D9 formats the number into 9 fixed spaces. Please see reference for more string formatting.

Please ensure that your Storefront configured Business name matches the allowed name recognized by SkyNet for your account.

SkyNet uses suburb instead of city data for their shipping lookup. You should enter your suburb address into the city field in all your configuration places. You will likely want to rename your Storefront "City" static labels to "Suburb" to ensure customer enters their suburb data in place of the city.


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