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Rewards points

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As a merchant, you typically want to build loyal and repeat customers over time. A great way is to reward your customers with loyalty points for purchases made at your store. The customer can then redeem these accumulated points to buy more products and services from you.

You must first enable the Rewards points feature under Configuration > General. Once enabled, the rewards point can be configured from the Configuration > Rewards point screen. Once you enable rewards points, your product detail and checkout pages will show the number of points awarded to the customer for their purchase. When configuring the rewards point program, you need to understand the differences between the action of rewarding and redeeming. The merchant rewards the points to the customer (e.g. 1 point for every $10 spent), whereas the customer redeems the points for purchases (e.g. if each point is worth $0.01, then 1000 points equals to $10 of money that can be used to pay during checkout).

  • Monetary value of each point - This the actual value of each point. When the customer is at the checkout page, he can use his points to pay. E.g. you can enter 0.01, which means 1 point equals to $0.01 of your currency.
  • Reward points for orders - Enable this if you want to reward customers with points for their purchases. Only product variants that have the rewards point enabled will qualify.
  • Reward points min order amount - If a minimum order amount needs to be attained to be rewarded points.
  • Points to award per order unit amount - The number of points to award for each currency unit spent on checkout for qualified products based on the order amount after discounts, but before shipping, handling and taxes. If the rate is equal to 1, then 1 point is awarded for each dollar spent. This rate can also be fractional to encourage customer to spend more. If the rate is 0.1, then 1 point is awarded for each 10 dollars spent, but if the customer spent 12 dollars, only 1 point is awarded.
  • Reward point delay - The number of days to delay rewarding the points for an order purchased. This is a security measure to protect the merchant from fraudulent customers who purchase products solely to earn points and returning the products after the points have been redeemed. For example, if you have a 30 days refund policy, you may want to set the delay equal to 30 days.
  • Min points to allow redeeming - The minimum number of points the customer must have to be allowed to redeem for purchases.
  • Points expiration - If the points should expire after the period of inactivity

You can decide if certain products do not participate in the rewards point program by unchecking the Enable rewards point checkbox on the product variant. You can also enter a custom points value if you want to reward a different number of points for the purchase of a particular product. If not specified, the Storefront will calculate the number of points to award based on the selling price of the product.

If the rewards point program is enabled, points are rewarded when the order has reached the Completed status or the payment has reached the Paid status. By default, for security purposes, orders and payments immediately after checkout are never put in those states. You can use the Place order action rule to automatically set the order to Completed and payment to Paid statuses if needed. If a delay is set, the points will automatically be rewarded after the elapsed time has passed. Please see How to force order and payment status for more information on changing order status.

You can modify the current number of points belonging to the customer from the Sales > Rewards points screen. You can also modify the number of points earned by the order from the Sales > Orders screen.

The customer can view their current points balance from the Manage Rewards Point module control. This will show the number of points active and pending as well as any expiry date.

Points internally have an intrinsic monetary value and are treated in similar way as any other form of payment. To allow customers to redeem their points, you must therefore enable Rewards Points from the Configuration > Payment menu.


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