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A ShippingMethod object is to manage shipping during checkout.


This service is used to query the ShippingMethod object.

Request Parameters

Node Required Data Type Description
shippingMethodID Yes Integer The object identifier.


Return Data

Node Data Type Description
shippingMethod XML  
  availabilityRule XML Rule The rule to describe the conditions when the shipping is available.
  createdDate DateTime  
  displayOrder Integer  
  name XML Locale  
  portalID Integer  
  rateRule XML Rule Shipping rate calculation rule.
  sellerID Integer Indicate if this object belongs to a seller.
  shippingMethodID Integer The object identifier.
  taxClassID Integer The TaxClass object identifier if this shipping method is taxable.
  universalServiceName String The globally unique name generated by the system that corresponds to the shipping gateway's service name used internally to match a real-time shipping method.
  updateDate DateTime  



This service is used to query all the ShippingMethod objects.

Request Parameters


Return Data

Node Data Type Description
shippingMethods XML Container node
  shippingMethod XML Zero or more ShippingMethod nodes with same data structure as GetActiveShippingMethod service return data.



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