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A ProductAttributeDefinition is used to describe the properties of a product attribute.


This service is used to query the ProductAttributeDefinition object.

Request Parameters

Node Required Data Type Description
productAttributeDefinitionID Yes Integer The object identifier.


Return Data

Node Data Type Description
productAttributeDefinition XML  
  comparable Boolean Determines if this attribute type can be used for product comparison.
  createdDate DateTime  
  description XML Locale  
  displayOrder Integer  
  filterable Boolean Product list can filter by this attribute type.
  helpText XML Locale Help displayed in tooltip.
  name XML Locale  
  portalID Integer  
  productAttributeDefinitionID Integer The object identifier.
  productAttributeDefinitionKey String A unique key that can be used to uniquely identify this object. This could be a short meaningful text or simply a GUID.
  productAttributeGroupID Integer The attribute type belongs to a ProductAttributeGroup.
  productAttributeType Integer Boolean = 1,Integer = 2, Decimal = 3, String = 4, Selection = 5
  published Boolean  
  searchable Boolean Product search can index this attribute.
  stepSize Decimal The incremental change for decimal attribute type input.
  updateDate DateTime  



This service is used to query all the ProductAttributeDefinition objects.

Request Parameters


Return Data

Node Data Type Description
productAttributeDefinitions XML Container node
  productAttributeDefinition XML Zero or more ProductAttributeDefinition nodes with same data structure as GetProductAttributeDefinition service return data.



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