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PayPal Checkout

Last updated on 2020-10-07 2 mins. to read

PayPal Checkout is a payment wallet gateway that allows you to accept PayPal transactions directly on your site using a hosted frame on PayPal Web site. 

This gateway supports the following features:

  • Purchase using gateway hosted frame.

The following fields are required:

  1. Client ID – Your API client ID.
  2. Secret – Your API secret.

To obtain an account, please register for a PayPal business account. Once your account is ready, follow these steps:

  1.  Login to
  2. Click on Dashboard near your profile name.
  3. Click on My Apps & Credentials
  4. Choose Live to view your production credentials
  5. Click Create app to create a new application
  6. Give it a name (e.g. Storefront)
  7. Copy the Client ID and Secret.

Special considerations

A special PayPal button appears on your Cart page in addition to your normal Checkout page. The PayPal button on the Cart page is a shortcut to allow the customer to approve the payment before reaching the Checkout page. The Storefront will then retrieve the customer address from PayPal and populate into the order before redirecting the customer to the Checkout page. This supposedly speeds up the check out experience because the address information is already pre-filled.

However, by default, PayPal does not require a customer phone number, whereas the Storefront requires it. This means the shortcut will not be able to completely populate the Checkout page with the phone value. The customer still needs to enter their phone number on the Checkout page. A better implementation is to enable phone number in your PayPal settings so that the Storefront can retrieve all the necessary information to populate ahead of time. To enable phone number:

  1. Login to your PayPal account.
  2. Click on Account Settings near the top.
  3. Click on Website payments.
  4. Click on Update near Website preferences.
  5. Choose On (required field) for the Contact telephone number

Another special consideration is the shortcut button on the Cart page can only authorize an amount up to no more than 15% or US $75 over the approved amount. What this means is when the customer is on the Cart page, the Storefront may not yet know all the information such as customer's address to calculate shipping and taxes. The amount being approved is an approximation of the total amount usually without taxes and shipping. Generally, this will work fine if your shipping charges are not very high and the taxes your collect are far below 15%.  Should the final amount go above 15% of the approved amount, the Storefront will simply request the customer to approve the payment again for the newly adjusted amount.

If you don't wish to offer the PayPal button on the Cart page, you can easily hide it using CSS or by editing the display template.


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