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Merchant fulfills new quote

Last updated on 2020-04-16 1 mins. to read

The following steps below are typical of how the store operates. Every business is different and your own steps may vary.

  1. Merchant reviews new quote that is recently placed by customer for the desired products. Typically in a quote, the prices are not yet finalized. The merchant updates the price amounts of each order detail line items to reflect the prices he is willing to sell as needed.
  2. Merchant changes the order status to indicate the quote is now priced in, but is still unpaid.

    Order Status = Ordered
    Payment Status = Incomplete
  3. Merchant clicks on button to send the invoice by email to the customer. The invoice will contain the updated prices and a link for the customer to complete the payment via the Manage Order module. Please make sure this module is already present somewhere on a page on your site.

    The customer may contact the merchant to negotiate the prices and the merchant may update the order with new prices as often as needed, repeating the steps above until satisfied.
  4. Once the customer has made the payment, an email is sent to notify the merchant of payment received. The merchant proceeds to process the order in the same steps as a normal order flow. Please see Merchant fulfills new order for more information.


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