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Recurring Sales Order

Last updated on 2021-08-04 4 mins. to read

To export recurring sales orders, go to Sales > Recurring orders from the Storefront module menu. Click on the Export link.

Column Type Data required Description Example
Act String No No import action supported at the moment.  
RecurringSalesOrderID Integer Yes Database object identifier.  
AdminNotes String No Notes visible to the store administrator only.  
CreateDate DateTime No    
CultureCode String Yes The UI culture code.  
CurrencyCultureCode String Yes The currency culture code.  
DynamicFormResult XML No The result collected from custom fields.  
Extension XML No    
MaxRepeat Integer No The number of times this recurring order is allowed to repeat.  
NextRecurringDate DateTime Yes The next recurring date.  
OriginalSalesOrderID Integer No The associated SalesOrder.  
ProductVariantID Integer Yes The ProductVariant object identifier.  
Quantity Integer Yes    
RepeatCount Integer Yes The number of times this recurring order has repeated.  
SalesOrderDetailID Integer No The sales order detail object that created this recurring order.  
SellerID Integer No Indicates if this object belongs to a seller.  
ShippingCity String Yes    
ShippingCompany String No    
ShippingCountryCode String Yes    
ShippingDestinationPoint String No The pickup point code if this is a pickup service.  
ShippingDistrict String No    
ShippingEmail String Yes    
ShippingExtension XML No Extra information related to shipping.  
ShippingFirstName String Yes    
ShippingLastName String Yes    
ShippingMethodID Integer No ShippingMethod object identifier.  
ShippingPhone String No    
ShippingPostalCode String Yes    
ShippingStreet String Yes    
ShippingSubdivisionCode String Yes    
ShippingUnit String No    
Status Integer Yes Recurring order status (Active = 1, Hold = 2, Invalid = 3,
Cancelled = 4)
UpdateDate DateTime No    
UserID Integer Yes UserID object identifier.  
UserPaymentID Integer Yes UserPayment object identifier.  


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