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To import/export manufacturer, go to Catalog > Manufacturers from the Storefront module menu. Click on the Import or Export link.

Column Type Data required Description Example
Act String Yes Type of import action to perform (Insert = i, Update = u, Delete = d) u
ManufacturerID Integer Yes/No Database object identifier. This value is required when performing an update or delete action if the ManufacturerKey is not provided. 12
ManufacturerKey String Yes/No A unique key that can be used to uniquely identify this object. This could be a short meaningful text or simply a GUID. If you don't specify a value, the system will generate a unique key for you during insertion. This key can be used to lookup the object if the ManufacturerID is not specified. toyota
CreateDate DateTime No    
Description String No Short description.  
DisplayOrder Integer Yes Sort display order from smallest to largest number. 1000
DisplayTemplate String No Custom display template name. Custom12
Email String No    
Extension XML No Extra data in XML string. <data><misc>True</misc></data>
MetaDescription String No Meta description. Makes cars and trucks
MetaKeywords String No Meta keywords. cars, suv, trucks
Name String Yes Manufacturer name. Toyota
PageTitle String No Page title.  
Phone String No    
Published Boolean Yes Enable display of the category. True
UpdateDate DateTime No    



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