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To export customers, go to People > Customers from the Storefront module menu. Click on the Export link.

Column Type Data required Description Example
Act String Yes No import action supported at the moment.  
CustomerID Integer No Database object identifier. 12
AdminNotes String No    
City String No    
Country String No    
CreateDate DateTime Yes    
Email String Yes    
FirstName String Yes    
LastIPAddress String No    
LastName String Yes    
PostalCode String No    
Region String No    
SellerID Integer No If this user is associated to a seller.  
Street String No    
TaxExempt1 Boolean Yes    
TaxExempt2 Boolean Yes    
TaxExempt3 Boolean Yes    
TaxExempt4 Boolean Yes    
TaxExempt5 Boolean Yes    
TaxExemptionNumber1 String No    
TaxExemptionNumber2 String No    
TaxExemptionNumber3 String No    
TaxExemptionNumber4 String No    
TaxExemptionNumber5 String No    
Telephone String No    
Unit String No    
UpdateDate DateTime Yes    
UserID String Yes    
Username String Yes    


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