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How to show categories on site menu manually

Last updated on 2021-12-23 1 mins. to read

By default, the Storefront displays your categories on the Category module, which can be placed anywhere on your page.

If you also like the categories to appear on your Web site's main menu, you simply need to create actual pages and link to the category URL. Fortunately, most categories are relatively static and remains unchanged once created.

  1. We recommend you first navigate to the page where you currently have the Category module so you can refer to it to find the category URL easily as you'll be doing a lot of repetitive copy and paste.
  2. Hover over your Category module and copy the first category URL.
  3. Click on DNN:Pages > Add New Page to add a new page.
  4. Give the new page the same name as your category (e.g. "Cameras")
  5. Select the appropriate Parent Page dropdown if this category should belong underneath a parent category.
  6. Make sure to select the Include In Menu checkbox.
  7. Under the Permissions tab, make sure to allow View Page permission to All Users.
  8. Under the Advanced Settings tab and scroll to Other Settings section. In the Link URL property, select the URL type and paste your category URL. Select the Permanently Redirect checkbox to optimize for SEO ranking.
  9. Save and repeat the steps above for all your other categories.


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