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How to accept offline orders

There are several ways you can handle offline orders (orders that come in by phone, fax, in-person, etc.). 

Creating offline orders by impersonating as the customer

The easiest way to take offline orders is to open a new browser, register the user and go through the shopping checkout as the customer would. If the user account already exists, you may choose to use Revindex Impersonator to quickly login as the customer for the purpose of placing the order on his behalf, and easily restore back to your account once done.

Creating offline orders directly from the sales admin screen

You can also create new orders from the Sales > Orders menu in the Storefront module just like you could edit an existing order. 

  1. Click Add new
  2. Click on edit user icon if you need to create the user account first, otherwise enter the username.
  3. Fill the form (billing, shipping address, etc.). If this is for an existing user, you can select from Use address book dropdown to populate addresses. You can also use the Copy from billing to populate the shipping address.
  4. Click Save.
  5. Under the Order detail section, click Add new to add products to the order.
  6. Search for the product to add in the dropdown list.
  7. Fill any required fields in the form (quantity, custom fields, etc.).
  8. Click Save order detail.
  9. If your products require shipping, you want to go back to the order and select a packing method and one of shipping methods and Save
  10. Click Recalculate all to recalculate the total amount, shipping, handling and taxes. Adjust the selected shipping method as needed.
  11. Under the Payment tab, click Add new.
  12. Enter the amount equivalent to the total amount calculated for the order.
  13. Select the payment method and fill the required fields.
  14. Click Purchase or Authorize to take the payment.
  15. Click Decrement inventory to reduce inventory of your products
  16. Click Run place order action to execute any product or checkout actions you have.
  17. Click Email receipt to send the order receipt to the customer.
  18. Remember to change the order, payment and shipping statuses (e.g. "Completed", "Paid", "Shipped") once you're done with the order.




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