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Customer initiates checkout

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The following steps below are typical of how a customer progresses from browsing to completing a purchase. Every business is different and the actual steps may vary.

  1. Customer views products page and/or product detail page.
  2. System generates calculates price, apply any promotion and verifies product availability.
  3. Customer adds product to cart.
  4. System verifies order and approximates sub-total before shipping/handling cost and taxes.
  5. Customer proceeds to checkout.
  6. System prompts customer to login, register or checkout as guest user.
  7. Customer enters billing, shipping information.
  8. System determines the available shipping methods.
  9. Customer selects the desired shipping method.
  10. Customer enters coupon.
  11. System verifies order; apply discounts, shipping cost, handling cost and taxes before calculating final total.
  12. Customer reviews final total and enters voucher and payment information.
  13. Customer places order.
  14. System validates order. If order is invalid, customer is redirected back to checkout page.
  15. System processes payment. If payment fails, customer is redirected back to checkout page.
  16. System saves the order and payment information. 

    Order Status = Ordered
    Payment Status = Pending
    Shipping Status = Not Required/Not Shipped 

    For a purchase order, the Order Status will be set to Pending since no payment is actually collected.
  17. System decrements product & coupon inventory. For a purchase order, the product and coupon inventories are unchanged since no actual order has taken place.
  18. If the Configuration > Checkout has the Run action on checkout option selected, the system will automatically run the place order action rule (e.g. grant security role, execute Web request).
  19. System generates confirmation details and sends out notification to customer and Storefront administrator.
  20. Customer views the confirmation page and receives receipt.


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