Revindex Optimizer


Last updated on 2013-01-05 1 mins. to read

If your site receives a lot of traffic or your server has a restrictive amount of resources, you can use the availability filters to activate the View State optimization only when certain conditions are met.

  • Min/Max size
    This filter allows you to activate the optimization when the size of the View State is within the targeted range. E.g. you may want to disable optimization when the View State data is small and insignificant to the page loading and when the View State data is very large to avoid consuming massive amount of memory.
  • Start/Stop time
    This filter allows you to activate the optimization depending on the time of the day. E.g. You want to disable optimization for your Web site during peak traffic period between 1PM to 4PM to avoid overloading the server.
  • Page filter
    You can customize which pages to include or exclude for optimization.
  • URL filter
    Enter a regular expression to match against the URL. The optimization will only activate where there is a successful match.


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