Revindex Impersonator


Last updated on 2016-03-16 1 mins. to read

Revindex Impersonator allows you to authenticate as one of the users on your Web site without needing their password to log into their account. For example, you can troubleshoot difficult or isolated technical problems with a particular user account. Once impersonated, you will experience exactly what your user is experiencing. If you have shopping cart on your site and need to place an order on behalf of your customer, you can use the Impersonator to impersonate the user and complete the checkout process.

It's extremely simple to use. Simply search for the user by username, email or first and last name and click Impersonate.

After impersonation, you can even restore back to your original user with a single click using the Impersonator Restore module. The special Restore button will appear near the bottom of every page you configure to show.

Revindex Impersonator is built with security in mind yet extremely simple to operate. With great powers, always use this software responsibly with user's consent first!


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