Revindex Impersonator

How to install

Last updated on 2022-06-06 1 mins. to read

Make sure to perform a complete backup of your system before starting the installation. Follow the steps outlined below to install the Trial or production software.

  1. Go to Host > Extensions. Click on Install Extension Wizard
  2. Upload the package and follow the install wizard instruction.
  3. Once installation is successful, simply add a new page to host your Impersonator module. This page should allow viewing for Administrators or Registered Users only depending who you want to allow to perform impersonation.
  4. You should also add the Impersonator Restore module to all pages on your site. This module allows you to quickly restore back to the original user after impersonation. You can place this module anywhere on the page and make it visible to all Registered Users . In the module settings, we suggest you uncheck the Display Container setting to make this module ubiquitous and hidden. 


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