Revindex Block


Last updated on 2022-06-06 1 mins. to read

Revindex Block is a fast and revolutionary way to create beautiful responsive content for the Web using pre-defined drag-and-drop blocks. Choose from hundreds of blocks and millions of images to create awesome stunning design.

In the past, creating content is done through a rich text editor, which is great for static text editing like writing a blog. However, it was often difficult to write an entire page containing dynamic elements and effects that must respond to different devices. The author would need to switch into HTML edit mode and manipulate styles in code to make the content dynamic or responsive. The content becomes fragile and prone to syntax errors.

Using a block editor, authors can easily arrange layout, drag static or dynamic blocks that are natively responsive to an underlying mobile responsive framework like Bootstrap. The blocks can be a simple element like a link, or a complex element made up of other blocks like a slider control that rotates through several images. Moving content is also easier. Simply drag the blocks from one place to another. With a block editor, you never need to edit the HTML code to create nice looking mobile responsive content.

Revindex Block is optimized to work with Revindex themes to provide exceptionally high reliability and ease of use, but will also work with other themes as long as you have Bootstrap 4+. We recommend that you switch over to a Revindex theme to take advantage of all the features.