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0 Replies and 9 Views Guest Checkout Roles  9  0 Started by  Kenyatta Harris Hello, I&39;m having issues with the guest checkout not saving the roles in the user account. The account is created in Accord LMS but there is no role.  Please advise, Kenyatta
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31 Jan 2023 02:19 PM
3 Replies and 44 Views Help with Send Email Action in Product Variant  44  3 Started by  Michael Tyson We need to send an email as an Action in a product variant. Below is the std template code. Note an email address is entered as part of the mailto code in the template. We need this email to vary based on the customer placing the order. Can anyone help with this. What code do we enter to acheive this <xsl:transform version="2.0" xmlns:xsl="">   <xsl:template match="/">     <out> &nb...
3 44
by  Steve LJump to last post
26 Jan 2023 01:09 AM
8 Replies and 100 Views Store Speed is slow and Spinning  100  8 Started by  Kenyatta Harris Hello, I&39;ve been having issues with the store for a while. It&39;s slow and it spins everytime I hit save or go to another page. I was told by AccordLMS that adding the Optimizer wouldn&39;t make a difference. Please advise, Kenyatta
8 100
by  Steve LJump to last post
20 Jan 2023 02:34 PM
3 Replies and 61 Views Tier Pricing  61  3 Started by  Matthew Crowshaw I need to have tiered discount that is priced Qty 1=$595 (MSRP), Qty 2 and beyond $200 discount each. So, a purchase of Qty 2 should be $990, 4 should be $1780 ($595(3x395)). To get it working, I&39;ve created Qty Begin and Qty End with a stepped price adustment for each increment. It works, however it looks very goofy and cluttered on the page, and is unclear to the end user. Is there a better approach to this Thank you.
3 61
by  Steve LJump to last post
13 Jan 2023 04:52 PM
5 Replies and 94 Views Change Price of Multiple Products  94  5 Started by  Greyson Hello, I am trying to figure out how to change the price of multiple products at one time. My organization uses our store as a place to purchase and download PDFs, and we have over 500 individual products, with more being added every few months. Everything is currently priced at $5 with no modifiers, coupons, promotions, etc. Is there a way that I can change the price of all of our products at once The only option I&39;m finding currently is to edit the price for each PDF individually, and ...
5 94
by  Steve LJump to last post
12 Dec 2022 07:40 PM
4 Replies and 104 Views Dollar Amount Discount based on Cart Value  104  4 Started by  Michael Tyson Wodering if its possible to create a cart dollar value discount to the Shopping cart where a spend value is reached Example   Shopping cart exceeds $200.00 a flat rate discount of $20.00 is applied.  
4 104
by  Michael TysonJump to last post
09 Dec 2022 02:19 AM
1 Replies and 46 Views \service unavailable\ on Add New Product?  46  1 Started by  Kevin Boxell Hi all, I downloaded the storefront free trial aboug 5 weeks ago to play with for a new client who we are trying to get an online storefront working (w&39;re evaluating DNN eCommerce options).  I hadn&39;t had any time to take a look at it since, but just got back into it today. We&39;re using DNN 9.10.2.  When I click the "Add New Product" button, however, I get a "The service is unavailable" error (no theme, just a blank page with that error).  When I try ...
1 46
by  Steve LJump to last post
06 Dec 2022 09:49 PM
1 Replies and 54 Views Import Stock Qty  54  1 Started by  Michael Tyson Is it possible to import stk Qty using the following 3 fields only in a csv Data Fields Act ProductVariantID Inventory The Revindex version we currently have is 07.06.03  
1 54
by  Steve LJump to last post
06 Dec 2022 09:34 PM
5 Replies and 139 Views Tier Pricing  139  5 Started by  Kenyatta Harris Hello, I&39;m trying to set up Tier Pricing on a product but it&39;s not calulating in the cart.  The role is set up under the Action tab.  Qty Begin 11, Qty End 25, Only 2023 Navigator Brac role and discount was 30. Qty Begin 26, Qty End 49, Only 2023 Navigator Brac role and discount was 35. What am I missing
5 139
by  Steve LJump to last post
23 Nov 2022 05:02 PM
3 Replies and 123 Views How to force SF a new order alert  123  3 Started by  Ton Hermes Hi Stephen. Sometimes clients send me a request to change an order they have made. For example, a wrong address, add or delete a product etc. When I do so then I like to have a new order alert. How or what is the best way to get this done Regards, Ton
3 123
by  Steve LJump to last post
18 Nov 2022 05:24 PM
1 Replies and 48 Views tidy up export folder  48  1 Started by  Ton Hermes Hi Stepen, I want to tidy up my website. Is it ok to delete the images in the folder: Revindex / Export / gallery  There are a lot of files. Regards, Ton
1 48
by  Steve LJump to last post
15 Nov 2022 07:14 PM
1 Replies and 105 Views Migrating to New Website?  105  1 Started by  Ben Santiardo Hello, I asked a similar question previously ... but it was about Payment Gateways ... this one, is about the entire Store in general. Is it possible to completely copy ALL data from one store to a store on a new site  I am looking to upgrade a pretty old site, but I think I would rather start with a fresh install, but I do not want to lose any history, clients, products, or settings. I find that sometimes "upgrading" an older DNN installation can be a headache and clean...
1 105
by  Steve LJump to last post
02 Nov 2022 05:31 PM
1 Replies and 59 Views show/hide variants groups depending on the previous selection  59  1 Started by  Doug Baker Hi, I know I can show/hide a variant group based on previous selection when I have only one group to hide. but is there a way of doing it when a group isn&39;t avilable only for certain of the previous selections For example I have the black, gold, and silver colours avilable on 128GB but only the black and gold avilable on 256GB. Can I then hide the silver when the user choose 256GB on the dropdown
1 59
by  Steve LJump to last post
31 Oct 2022 07:04 PM
8 Replies and 381 Views Support for Google Analytics 4 and Enhanced Ecommerce  381  8 Started by  Scott Gruber Do you support Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce and GA4 All I can find in the documentation is support for the Universal tag. Thanks!
8 381
by  Lee DrakeJump to last post
04 Oct 2022 05:53 PM
1 Replies and 103 Views CUSTOM SHIPPING RULE  103  1 Started by  steve edwards For the template above there is a test for county code. I need a check for post code. What is the XSL code for a post code that starts wtih BT i&39;ve tried ShippingPostalCode in place of shippingCountryCode But it does not work. Please help. Thank-you
1 103
by  Steve LJump to last post
27 Sep 2022 12:56 PM
5 Replies and 146 Views Storefront 17.14 error  146  5 Started by  Matthew Crowshaw One of my sites has been receiving this error sporadically: Cannot load template "StandardRegular". The StandardRegular template is in place, it is un-modified, and there is plenty of server disk space and available memory.  Does anyone have any recommendations / similar experiences Any help would be appreciated, thank you. Here&39;s the complete error message: Cannot load template "StandardRegular". Please verify display template exists and does not c...
5 146
by  Steve LJump to last post
15 Sep 2022 04:12 AM
1 Replies and 89 Views Reindex on Azure and Cache problem.  89  1 Started by  Kamil Maciaszek We have a DNNRevindex StorefrontRevindex Optimizer solution hosted on Azure in AppService. Since upgrade to RevIndex version 17.* a year ago we have following exceptions from time to time which effect with not working ProductDetail or Cart pages: 022-09-04 00:06:35,336 &91;RD0003FF4C9AC7&93;&91;Thread:53&93;&91;ERROR&93; DotNetNuke.Services.Exceptions.Exceptions - System.Exception: Unknown error occurred requesting URL at /sklep/produkt/kosztorysowanie/norma-standard-2 from user agent M...
1 89
by  Steve LJump to last post
05 Sep 2022 01:42 PM
4 Replies and 157 Views Shipping method by Role  157  4 Started by  Michael Tyson We have a number shipping methods now and need to add more shipping methods for a seperate customer base. Each customer type is defined by role. In summary we need Shipping methods that are only available to our retail customers Shipping methods that are only available to our wholesale customers Each customer type will only need to see their appicable shipping rates. I realise we can do this using custom rules but we are looking for a simpler method as we would prefer not to hav...
4 157
by  Steve LJump to last post
01 Sep 2022 02:44 PM
2 Replies and 1270 Views SEO Support Plugins  1270  2 Started by  cloud lgs12 Do you provide any WordPress plugins that help to track clicks to the website Any source is beneficial.
2 1270
by  amelia brownJump to last post
12 Aug 2022 05:37 PM
5 Replies and 214 Views Product Part price with tax calculated on ProductDetail page  214  5 Started by  Kamil Maciaszek I have the following configuration. Product A with price 998,00 and flat tax rate 23 Product B with price 1,00 and flat tax rate 23. Product A has Product B as a product part in product&39;s A component definiton. When product A is added to the cart its price is presented like that: Price without tax: 999,00 Price with tax: 1228,77 Price with tax is ok because 998,00 * 1,23 1,00 * 1,23 = 1228,77 I&39;ve a custom ProductDetail template based on StandardRegular (Revindex v18) On...
5 214
by  Kamil MaciaszekJump to last post
10 Aug 2022 09:03 AM
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